Suppliers under the Spotlight

Suppliers under the spot light is where I feature the work of wedding suppliers that I recommend, today I chat with Claire of Goozee Jewellery.

A few weeks ago I was photographing the wedding of Sarah and Michael and admired the bracelet she was wearing, it turned out that Sarah’s sister Claire had made the bracelet and had also engraved the tag with the name and date of the wedding. After the wedding Claire and I got chatting and it turns out that she makes bespoke jewellery and is just starting her business and is in the process of getting a website built, so I offered to feature her jewellery on my blog. Here is my interview and a few photographs of her Jewellery.

Tell me a little bit about you and what made you decide to make jewellery?

I have been making jewellery for the last 6 years attending a couple of college courses every year covering beading, wire techniques and silver smithing.  This enables me to learn techniques with the latest materials so I can incorporate them in my designs.  Because jewellery in shops is mass produced its difficult to purchase an item without seeing other people wearing the very same.  The fantastic thing about having jewellery tailor made and designed for your style is that it guarantees your individuality.  So searching for jewellery in particular colours and styles for an outfit can be difficult, this is the challenges I faced so the only way to overcome this was to design and create my own.

I saw the beautiful bracelet you made for your sister Sarah when she got married, what other pieces of jewellery do you make?

As well as bracelets I also make necklaces, pendants and earrings.

On your sisters bracelet you had the date of the wedding, if a bride wanted to buy pieces from your collections as a gift for her bridesmaids would you be able to put the date of the wedding on the jewellery can you offer this service?

Each item of jewellery made (apart from earrings) will come with a solid silver tag, my signature surname of one side and on the reverse, upon request, an inscription of the brides wedding date or a short personal message.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

I love the pearl bracelets, they are quite simple but very elegant and can make any outfit look glamorous and sophisticated.

If a bride wanted to buy a bespoke item to her style can you offer this?

Yes, each order is custom made to fit their unique style and occasion

Do you make anything for men and if so what?
Not at the moment

Would you like to offer a promotion code to anyone reading this or to Yvette Craig Photography Brides?

Yes if any brides reading this post quote YCP/GoozeeOffer they will receive a 15% discount off their first order.

What materials do you use for your jewellery?


·         All pearls are made by Swarovski

·         all findings are sterling silver

·         the scrunch chain bracelet is made from silver plated chain but can be made of sterling silver if requested

·         Within most of my jewellery I use Swarovski beads and crystals / silver leaf murano glass beads