It was a case of When Harry met Nanny for this special Newborn Photoshoot

Meet Harry Martin Britton my new Grandson and first baby for my son Olly and his wife Jess.

Harry entered the world on 18th July 2015 just 2 hours and 43 minutes ahead of my birthday the following day, he has an amazing head of hair and has a smile that make a room light up just by the look on his little face.

The Newborn Shoot

the shoot was done when he was just 4 days old and he slept through it all, an absolute perfect baby, especially when you consider that the majority of babies can take several hours to settle when they arrive to be photographed! I normally recommend that parents allow at least 3 hours for a newborn shoot, just to be sure that enough time is allowed for baby to get used the new surroundings or even just having clothes taken off.

He was so good that after we finished photograph him alone we were able to get some photos with the proud parents.

If you would like to have your Baby Photographed

If you are interested in having your own newborn photographed, I recommend that you get in touch early, it is even worth pencilling in a date so as to avoid disappointment as there is a very small window after your baby has arrived when these type of photos can be taken and I recommend between 4 and 14 days from the date of birth.

Pregnancy and Birth Photography

If you are interested in having a pregnancy or even the birth of your newborn photographed then contact the studio for more details.

I can be contacted on 01233 642773

Here are a few of my favourites some of which are going into an album to celebrate Harry’s birth.

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