Rock the Dress

I recently joined forced with my dream team of fabulous suppliers at Upnor Castle for a Rock the Dress shoot.

While most people love their wedding pictures and are totally happy with them, there is a very small percentage of people that are not for what ever reason.  Then there is the couples that just want to get dressed up and do it all again!

Thats where Rock the Dress comes in… and more and more couples are doing it!

So why do it all over again?

Rock the dress shoots have grown in popularity in recent years, for some its just the idea that they can get all dressed up again and have their own private shoot, for others they may not have invested in photography on their wedding day and as such this is the perfect opportunity to have a beautiful set of images…. Whatever your reason for wanting to do it, you can do whatever you like, where you want. I have had a bride run in the sea, others wait for a sunny day because it rained on their big day, the options are endless and the creativity has no limitations.

Thank you to newly weds Ollie an Jess and Matt and Zoe and the amazing team for making this an amazing Rock the dress shoot;

The Venue – Upnor Castle

Dresses – The Robing Room

Flowers – Moody Blooms

Independent Celebrant – Simply Ceremonies

Hair – Lauren Cook

Cakes – Bluebell Kitchen

Make Up – Dominic Paul

Love Lights – De-Lights

Matt and Zoe were really impressed with the idea of a post wedding photo shoot they said “we had such a nice morning, the team really looked after us. We really liked the photos you took of the spiral staircase, they are our favourites”

If you are inspired by these pictures why not book your own  – Rock the dress shoots start at £295.

This is a set of pictures from a wedding the couple are standing in front of huge big LOVE lightsThis is a picture of a bride standing at the bottom of a spiral staircase looking up to the camera

This is a wedding couple posing in from of large lights that say LOVE

This is a picture of wedding rings with the word LOVE in scrabble letters

This is a couple looking at each other illuminated by a spot lightThis is a bride and groom posing for wedding photographs

This is a bride and groom standing in an archway

This is a bride and groom posing in between gates