Early on today I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my youngest son Olly and his fiance Jess, who are getting married on September 20th in Ashford at the Holiday Inn. We went to Eastwell Lake and the derelict church.

As my youngest of three son’s it easy to remember the little boy, but photographing him and Jess today I realised what a happy and lovely man he has grown up to be. It’s also wonderful to be able to capture such a special moment in their lives and I look forward to welcoming Jess as my new daughter-in-law later this year.

As I type this the song humming in my head is ‘One more step along the road I go’…… As it did on leavers day in the school hall all those years before, I gulp back the tears as only Mother will know….

So here are a few of my favorites from today’s shoot.

Olly and Jess stood in the arch of the church looking at me.A trio of photos of the couple looking at each otherHere they are looking at meIn these photos they are leaning against the churchHere they are looking at each otherIn this collection of photos Olly and Jess are holding their dog TessJust the two of them sitting on a wallA few photos of Olly on his ownA collection of images of the couple looking at me and each otherLeaning against the gateIn the field with the long grass behind themThere dog TessIn the field with rape seed behind themLeaning against the gatelooking at each otherstood in front of the lakeLeaning against the wallOlly, Jess and Tess against the church doorAgainst the church door with their dogA trio of images in the rapeseed fieldLooking at each other in the rapeseed fieldIn the rapeseed fieldEnjoying each others company