Photography and Your Business

When it comes to photography and your business it is important that you get the imagery right, so it mabe that you need a commercial photographer

We all know that with digital marketing, social media and our websites our online persona is as important as it has ever been.  If you are selling either a product or service, the photographs and imagery you use are the best way you have to convince the customer to engage with you.

With the growth of digital photography and DSLR being owned by many people for a hobby has seen many business owners bring photography in-house, if you are one of these read on …

There are different ways you can go about capturing images to help support all aspects of your business, generally they would be to shoot them yourself, buy stock photos or hire a professional photographer.

My argument would be, If you are offering a high end service or you have a product that it exclusive to you why would you want to show this in anything but the best light.  I am guessing that you want images that grab people’s attention or encourage them to find out more, this why any photography must be a considered and thought out activity that says everything you want it to say about your brand.  If you take staff head shoots and they are with a distracting background or the staff are not dress smartly that day this has an impact on peoples overall perception of the business.

I am sure that you know your business inside out and you know exactly how you want your products to be seen, but we add the magic, the creative flair that takes it to the next level. For my commercial work I would always insist on a briefing meeting and time is spent on sourcing and preparing the perfect location, and this is not always in the studio,  styling the shoot with complementary accessories and applying perfect lighting.

Then I go back to the studio and edit the images, something you  may or may not have the skills to do in-house, but do you have the time?

To give your photography a re-vamp and bring new life to your website, promotional materials and social media sites try our introductory package for only £295, which includes;

~ Briefing meeting

~ Styling (*extra costs maybe incurred, depending on ideas)

~ 2 hour location shoot

~ Image editing

~ Online gallery

~ 30 High Res images

But don’t take my word for it, this is what my recent clients say;

“Having worked with Yvette Craig on two photo shoots recently, I can wholeheartedly recommend her. Rock On. ” Marc Stevenson Owner Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horses

“We are tough to please. Yet Yvette Craig Photography has produced some of Great Scot’s most loved, iconic images. It takes patience, skill and style to get that one timeless, dream-like image. Yvette has those skills in abundance. We always look forward to working with her. ”  Margo Page.  Founder and Managing Director Great Scot, Scotland Ltd
Contact me for an initial discussion T 01233 642773 or M 07984 470415


This is a montage of images from a commercial photographer with everything from a dressage rider to a toy bunny