Cherubs is National Photographic program for newborn baby photography.

We were very excited to learn that we had won a quarterly prize in the MPA’s ‘Cherub of the Year’ competition

Official News Release – November 2011

Local Photographer in Cherubs competition finals

Ashford based photographer, Yvette Craig has won a quarterly prize in the Master Photographer Association’s inaugural ‘Cherub of the Year’ competition that recognizes the UK’s very best baby photography and could lead to Yvette’s customer collecting £1,000.

Cherub of the Year is open to members of the public who have their babies photographed by their local MPA Cherubs photographer. Yvette’s customer, Jenny Ross, receives a £25 shopping voucher for the winning image of her baby Jacob Ross, but more importantly goes forward to the final judging when the £1,000 cheque will be presented to the parents of the ‘Cherub of the Year’.

“We are already well known locally for the quality of our baby photography, but to be recognized at a national level is a great honour” said Yvette.

In addition to the competition, each parent who books a Cherubs sitting will receive three complimentary portraits to record their baby’s first year presented in a beautiful folding Art Leather triple Folio.

All Cherubs studios are baby friendly and each MPA photographers follows a strict Code of Conduct. The Association prides itself on the quality of its membership, which is only open to full time professional photographers.

For further information contact Yvette 01233 642773