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Packaging photo of Yvette Craig's album boxes

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Investment in wedding photography is the one element of your wedding that you get to keep and is something that will give you many years of joy. Often a couple will find that their wedding images become more precious as the years roll by.

I’m certain you have 1000 photos or more on your phone. You may even have a digital photo frame. But with ever changing technology, where will you store your photos and how will you look at them on your Silver wedding anniversary? Or share with your children when they ask to see what you looked like in your wedding dress?

In this digital age, I am asked regularly for disk only packages, for many reasons this makes my heart sink. Ten years ago we were still using floppy disks, now it is CD/DVD although with more usage of tablets these are becoming obsolete already. You may think you have it covered with a USB stick or cloud. But all of these things are not future-proofed.

For this reason, my eight-hour digital package option includes 10 images printed on fine art paper. Digital packages start from just £500 for small local weddings and £995 for coverage until the wedding breakfast, making beautiful, award winning photography affordable to everyone.


I really believe that how your photographs are presented is what defines your finished wedding photography images. Investing in an album will give you the opportunity to constantly relive one of the happiest days of your life, displayed in the best possible way. It takes many hours and a lot of experience to edit the images and design an album, for many people who take a disk only package they end up never producing an album. I often wonder if they ever really get to enjoy their wedding photos on their computer.


I absolutely love wedding albums, to be able to go and pick it up and open the pages and relive your wedding day all over again is truly a magical feeling… When it came to selecting who’s albums I would use to preserve your memories I looked and selected very carefully. The albums had to be timeless and designed to last a lifetime because albums grow more precious as the years roll by.

Your wedding album is the one thing that will remind you of your wedding day long after the cake has been eaten and the ‘LOVE’ Lights have faded away…

So whether it is a Traditional Matted or a Duo Design album from Queensberry Albums of New Zealand or GF Smith with their beautiful fine art paper in a storybook album, I know your album will bring many years of joy.

Packages that include an album start from just £1995.

We offer many beautiful wall art options for your favourite images, you will be able to see examples in our studio.

Once you have booked you can add other services to your package. I offer PhotoFilm & Fusion which incorporates both the sound and imagery from the day to create a beautiful audio-visual DVD of the day.


Over the years, I have photographed weddings as small as just two people! So I know just how important photography can be whatever the size of your perfect day… So If you are planning a small wedding then USB Collection One starts at just £500

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The Cake will be eaten…

The Dress will be packed away…

The Flowers will last for all but one day…

And all you will have left is your Photographs to remind you of your special day…


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Wow!!! Stunning photographs.

Words fail us!!!

We had such a fantastic day which you captured so well with each photograph.

Your presence along with your colleagues and the way in which you work made us all feel so at ease.

We Look forward to seeing the rest of the photos and the video.

Thank you again for making our day so special.

Mr & Mrs White!! (Aka Nicola and David)

Married at Leeds Castle