Would you choose an Interior Designer who didn’t keep up to date with current trends?  Then why would you want to use a photographer who doesn’t develop themselves and gain new skills?

Ever since I started Yvette Craig Photography I have kept professional development at the forefront of the business, back in 2007 I found a really inspirational training course, I left that training and adopted everything that was said and have never looked back.
For the passed year I have been training with Aspire on the Bespoke Programme – a year-long photography and business training and mentoring programme, acknowledged by the photographic industry as a world class program.  It has been an amazing journey, whilst on the course I have won several awards with Kent Wedding Photographer of the Year being the most prominent.

Having to step outside your day to day running of the business and push yourself in new directions in what keeps your business growing.  Getting to know the other people on the course also helps to bounce ideas around and support each other. I have also met the most incredible group of people who I would never had met if I had not done Bespoke, Catherine Conner and Jane Breakell are inspirational as are the rest of the team and the food is amazing!

My ultimate goal is to be a trainer, and I feel ready to do this now, I cannot recommend Aspire highly enough.

It is a mistake for business owners to believe that once established they no longer have to train and develop.  Every penny spent on training can be seen in your increased business.