Snow Cover Equine Shoot Canada

There is nothing more lovely that a snow covered equine shoot, and whilst in Canada recently I had the opportunity to photograph Leanne and the horse that she rides. The shoot was part of a commercial shoot for Grace the Boutique who have a store in Downtown Stratford Ontario and part personal as Leanne has long since wanted to have a photoshoot with the horse.

Grace the Boutique

Grace the Boutique has a range of Tweeds and Checks with a Country or Equine look about them, so Laura who owns Grace wanted to have the clothes photographed as part of an Equine Shoot, so that people who ride horses or like this look could get a feel for how they would look.

Grace also stocks a wide range of other clothes to suit all styles and fashions.

The Location for the Shoot

The shoot took place at the barn and stables where the two horses that Leanne learnt to ride on are kept and where she has continued to help with the horses and as such we were not limited just one horse but two of Leanne’s favourite horses.

All of the photos were taken within a very small area by the barn and drive as the temperatures were so cold it was advisable to work very fast so that no one froze!

Booking Your Own Equine Shoot

I love to photograph owners with their horses, most of my shoots take place between March and the end of September when the weather is better, however if someone wanted a winter shoot then I am happy to do this.

My equine shoots are always done as part of a lifestyle shoot and can be done at your stables or on location depending upon where your horse is located.

For more details please contact me on 01233 642773 to discuss.

Photographer of a woman leading a white horse, there is snow on the groundWhite horse and lady photographed in the snowWhite horse and lady, the lady is looking at the horsesnowy equine shoot, horse is being lead awayLovely close up photos of a woman with her white horse, she is laughing as it snowsWoman and white horse looking at each otherFull picture of woman with her white horse on a bridge in the snowWhite horse and owner in the snowWhite horse in the snowWhite horse and owner near a red barnChestnut horse and lady looking at each otherTwo lovely photos they are very similiar one is B&W and the other is colour both are very lovely moments between horse and riderChestnut horse and woman sharing a special momentThe snow is falling heavy in this photo of the chestnut horse and womenLovely photo of a chestnut horse and woman as they both look away from the cameraheavy snow falls as woman and horse stand by the barnhorse and woman walk towards the cameraWalking away from the camera towards the open field the horse and riderBeautiful photo of the horse being lead away from the cameraHorse and owner on a bridge by a stream heavy snow is fallingWoman and chestnut horse on a bridgeThe woman looks at her horse in this photoLovely photographer of a woman kissing her horse on the nose