Bodleian Library Engagement Photos

The Bodleian Library was where we started a trip down memory lane for a recent engagement shoot with Beth and Andrew, we started at the Bodleian Library before heading off around Oxford, finally finishing in the Botanicial Gardens where Andrew had proposed one very cold and winterery day a few months earlier.

Why Oxford

When Beth and Andrew booked me for their wedding which was to take place the following year at Lympne Castle in Kent they asked if I would be prepared to travel for their engagement photo shoot. As I love to travel anywhere I jumped at the chance to meet them in Oxford.

Both Beth and Andrew went to University at Oxford and so it is a place that is very dear to them both, so we went to many of the places they used to go to during their studying at Oxford, from the alleyway where they used to prop up the bar to the Botanical Gardens where Andrew proposed to Beth on a very cold and winters day.

A Great way to get to get to know them better.

Meeting up with them both at the Bodleian and their other haunted from their student days was a really great way to get to know them better, and really understand what they wanted from their wedding day, their love of all things super hero! And why this was the theme for their wedding day.

It was also a great way for the couple to feel super confident on their wedding day before they had to pose in front of family and friends! It meant that they would also feel more relaxed on their wedding day having had a set of photographs taken ahead of the special day.

So why did they choose me to photograph their special day?

When I asked they why theu had choosen me to photograph their day, they simpliy said that they wanted a Kent Wedding Photographer who knew the venue well, and that I had come highly recommended by Lympne Castle

Here are just a few of theirs and my favorites from the day.

3 photographs of a couple outside the entrance to the Bodleian Library, in one image they are looking at me in the others they are looking at each otherIn these photos the couple are photographed at the back of the Bodleian LibraryThree photographs of the couple at the back door of the Bodleian LibraryThese two photographs of the doorway at the back of the Bodleian Library show the magnificent door and glassThis is a photograph of the couples feetHere the couple are dawfed by the beauty of the buildingCouple walking towards me with the Bodleian behind them, they are looking at each otherHere the couple are stood under a bridgeHere the couple are photographed looking at each other by the sign for the Famous Turf TavernHere the couple are photographed inside a traditional Telephone BoxThis building is the exam boards building and where many an exam was sat, here the couple are sat on the steps Here the couple are photographed by a fountainPhotograph of the couple holding handsPhotographs of the couple by the riverHere the couple can been seen photographed by a big urnHere the couple are photographed in the flowersTaking some rest bite from the heat these photos were taken under the treeHere the couple looking lovingly as they are photographed against the lavender