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Boudoir photography of women lay on a bed looking at the camera

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Boudoir photography is becoming more popular among women wanting to capture a moment in time when they feel at their absolute best. Whilst many women will often say they feel nervous about having the photo shoot. As an experienced boudoir photographer, I often find that afterwards they say that they wish they had done it sooner….

The term ‘boudoir’ derives from the French word ‘to pout’. Boudoir is about making women feel great about themselves no matter what size or shape they are. It’s having fun and it’s about being pampered and feeling your best. It’s creating a fabulous collection of images that capture a moment in time, but most of all it’s all about you!!


When a woman comes to me for boudoir photography, I like to understand what she wants from the shoot in terms of the imagery and what and where they are going to be used as what is right for one person may not be right for another.

So whatever your reason is for wanting a boudoir shoot, be it a milestone birthday, a gift for a loved one or just because you want to treat yourself… Arrange a consultation today on 01233 642773

The boudoir photography session fee is £195 which is payable at the time of booking

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‘I spent a morning with Yvette for a boudoir shoot on my birthday.

Being a curvy girl I have always been self conscious so was nervous; I needn’t have been as I was immediately put at ease by her friendly, calm and professional manor. Within minutes she had me posing like a seasoned model.

I credit this photoshoot for my change in body confidence and cannot wait to come back for another shoot.

My photos are stunning and displayed proudly on my wall.

Thank you Yvette for bringing out my confidence and inner burlesque beauty’

I cannot thank you enough.


Totally Empowering!

“I loved every minute of it and felt fantastic”

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