Beach Photoshoot

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was the setting for this families beach photoshoot, dressed in white tops and blue jeans they looked the perfect American Family

Everyone is feeling chilly at this time of year, getting in the festive mood, wrapping presents and counting down the days to the big event.

I wanted to write my blog this morning about something completely different.

On a recent holiday in Puerto Vallarta Mexico I  made friends with a family and when I had mentioned what I did for a living they approached me to do a family lifestyle shoot for them.

I though it was important to save these pictures as I thought that David and Tamara, Micah (7), Bianca (11), and Chloe (13) looked striking in their matching white tops and jean and it was a really great example of where getting your outfits right for a family shoot can really make a difference – in these photographs it worked perfectly.

I hope you enjoy looking at them, if it inspires you to book up and family lifestyle shoot you can always book now and get something in the diary for the summer if you want to do a similar beach shoot.

Yvette x
This is a family posing on a beach in mexico

This is a family posing on rocks on the beachThis is a family group sitting on the sandThis is two older sisters standing side beside a little brotherThis is a family walking across the beach with their footprints in the sand