A few weeks ago I brought you a part 1 of Adrienn and James wedding and now I am delighted to bring you Part 2 the interview.

Q 1): So Adrienn tell me how did you and James meet?

I was a manager in a restaurant , and one day James and his friends booked a table. When I saw him I said to the chef that I have just met my future husband . He sat down and introduced himself and kissed my hand

Q 2): So tell me about the Proposal?

It was after a bank holiday. James said we are having dinner in Folkestone . I dressed up , thinking dinner with friends, but it was just the four of us. I did not suspected what he was doing . After the dinner the waiter put the dessert on the table. I was looking through the puddings when I saw a green square box . I picked it up and they said to me to open it. When I saw the ring I asked what is this? And he said I was wondering if you would marry me.:)))

Q 3): Your dress is stunning tell me about it, what you loved about it and where it came from?

The dress was special, I was looking online for a Maggie Sottero dress. The first dress was named the same as James’s grandmother . In my mind that was her approval. When I went to the shop , they said that they discontinued that dress. The other dress, the one I wore called Adelaide . The bridal shop: JODI BRIDAL GOWNS IN CANTERBURY . They were brilliant with us. But they did not have the dress I liked in stock. That didn’t stop Mummybear and she made me try on like 20 dresses.The owner sent us to their Maidstone shop, she said they might have it. We went there , and I was looking at dresses, when mum
Ybear shouted they got your dress. All if this designers dress are custom made. I’m a size 2 in her designs. The sample dress was size 24. They had to clip it on me with big clips . But I knew it was the one I wanted. It was an a line gown with Swarovski crystals on the top and o the train.

Q 4): You have two pairs of shoes they are amazing where did they come from?

To mach the dress I wore a Benjamin Adams pair with Swarovski crystals on it, and I had a second ivory satin pair for the dinner and dance.

Q 5); I love all the sparkles and teddies, tell me did you set out to have this as your theme?

I didn’t really have a theme. All I knew is I wanted something elegant, sparkly , but on the other hand showing my affection for teddy bears:))

Q 6): Your flowers are amazing and I love the hearts on the door, where were they from

We went with recommendation and used Jo from Moody Blooms

Q 7): I love what the boys are wearing?

The boys wore a black morning suit with cream waistcoat and golden cravats.

Q 8): The entertainment on the day was fab, tell me a bit more about the music and magic

Starlight sound and counterfeit notes provided music after dinner. During dinner Max Hutton were singing.And we had a magician as well going from table to table entertaining the guests.

Q 9): And finall what was the best part of the day?

For me coming out of the church as married couple for James when he turned and saw me for the first time, and saying the vows .
It was great to have all the people we loved there. That my mum was able to come over. Magic all day.