What a difference 30 minutes can make! At 9am I was heading to London to see Calendar Girls and have Dinner with my husband, when I notice URGENT – can anyone help!! A fellow MPA photographer had been taken ill and needed someone to cover a wedding that day at Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park! So with minutes I was charging batteries, formating cards, ringing my assistant and heading towards the brides house.

The day went well, it was a themed 1920 style wedding and I would say 95% of the guests more than made an effort to dress the part. Colette whilst being born in the UK had been brought up in Australia from the age of 2 when her parents moved there. 7 years ago after her brothers wedding to Fiona, Colette decided to travel and up on arrival in London meet Dan, who is actually from New Zealand but moved to the UK some 20 years ago, and the rest they would say is history!

I hope you have a fantastic honeymoon and I look forward to seeing you when you get back.collette-dan-4collette-dan-2collette-dan-3collette-dan