1920’s Inspired | Black & White | Pembroke Lodge Wedding

I loved Colette and Dan’s 1920’s Inspired Pembroke Lodge Wedding so when it came to making my own sample album I decided that I would design it so it was true to the time and have all the imagery in black and white.

All the guest and the staff at Pembroke Lodge had gone to great lengths to make sure that they all fitted in with the time period, so that you felt like you were stepping back in time.

Here is my take on their day.

I have wanted to do a completely B&W Wedding Album for quite sometime and decided that I had just the perfect wedding that I photographed a couple of years ago at Pembrook Lodge.

Collette & Dan’s wedding was a 1920’s inspired wedding, what I loved about it was the fact that all the guests took the inspiration to their hearts and made a real effort to dress in the same style, the result was absolutely stunning and perfect for my B&W album, I can’t wait to get my hands on the finished album just in time for the Bluewater Wedding Fair on the 9 to 12 February.

Bridal Prep

Bridal Style and details

The Groom and the boys true gangster style at Pembroke Lodge

Guests arriving at Pembroke Lodge

Fur and Bouquets

Pembroke Lodge the bride and her Dad arriving in a vintage car

Pembroke Lodge the Mum and Bride

The bride posing at Pembroke Lodge

The bride and her parents at Pembroke Lodge

Pembroke Lodge wedding party

The bride and her Dad walking to the ceremony

Outside the Belvedere Suite for the Pembroke Lodge wedding

The Groom when he sees his bride for the first time at Pembroke Lodge

The first kiss

Pembroke Lodge signing of the registry

Pembroke Lodge walking down the isle

documentary wedding photos at Pembroke Lodge

group photos at Pembroke Lodge

smaller group photos in the gardens at Pembroke Lodge

bride and groom at their Pembroke Lodge wedding

the bride Pembroke Lodge

Pembroke Lodge the wedding party

The bride and groom Pembroke Lodge

the speeches at Pembroke Lodge

Night photos at Pembroke Lodge

under the tree at Pembroke Lodge

Night photos Pembroke Lodge

1st dance at Pembroke Lodge